1 - click Interface

Major server configurations, installations of various applications and packages - all is made easy by our one click interface.

1-click server configuration

Configure your server from 5 different server configuration of Apache, Nginx, PHP & Cache according to your needs.

1-click App Installation

Install and configure your favourite app with a single click. We currently provide WordPress, OpenCart, Laravel and PHP-Blank app.

1-click package installation

Installing various software packages like PHP-fpm, Monit, phpMyAdmin and many more with single click. Just follow the steps and you are good to go.

Customize as you go

Do things whenever you feel like - Add Multiple Applications, change settings anytime, assign cronjobs, start/stop services and additional package installations.

App/Server Settings

No need to contact your technical team to change server parameters. Use our interface to change Server and Application Settings any time you want.

Package/Service Management

Manage your installed packages/services using our interface to perform Start, Restart and Stop actions.

CronJob Management

Easy CronJon Management. Select vendor, enter a command or path to script file, state the time and Hit Add. Thats it.

Multiple App/Domains Support

Want to run multiple apps or domains on a single server? Using our system you can run more than 1 applications on a single server.

Multiple PHP Versions

We install all well known PHP Versions - PHP5.6 , PHP7.0, PHP7.1 while configuring your server. Run different apps on different PHP version. If your PHP script is breaking, just change the version and you are good.

Server Logs and Notifications

20+ Logs Available. View logs to determine the problems.

Log Management

View 10+ Server Level Logs and track/analyse activities on your server.

App Level Logs

Check your App's Access Logs or Error Logs. Also check Slow Log and find scripts which are taking time to execute.

Security? Not an issue

We uses modern security practices to secure your servers and websites. We will handle it with care so that you can fully focus on your development.

Firewall Security

Want to block or open a certain port? Want to block IP Address? Just goto Dashboard->Firewall and enter the port number and add the rules you wish. Basic Firewall Security rules for layman is already set.

App Isolation

With complete App isolation feature, each and every application operate in it's own separte environment along with it's configurations and settings. Even if your single app got hacked due to some vulnerability, your other apps and server are still secure.

1-click SSL

Configure your website's SSL using lets encrypt or custom SSL. No need to worry about any browser certificate warnings, we will provide you with a free auto-renewable SSL certificate and deploy it just with a click.

And More...

Combined with all the amazing features, we provide fully automated server management console so that you don't have to use command line interface.

User Management

Working in a team and want each member have sufficient access to your servers? Create and manage user within our system and provide sudo permissions to perticular users.

Database Management

Create database by just providing name of your database and we will take care of the rest. Attach users to database, change password to database all through our UI.

App Backup and Restore

Want to make a restore point of your Application before creating new features? We have provided a backup and restore mechanism to ensure that you can redo the changes anytime you want.

App Migration

You are just few clicks away to migrate your application between two server, all you have to create a Blank App and fill out the details and we will take care of the rest.

Git Deployment

We have integrated Git within our system to help you control your source code deployment. Follow the steps and you are ready to deploy your application. We currently support GitHub and Bitbucket providers.

And Many More...

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